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Gynaecologist Urges Couples to Seek Doctor’s Advice on Sex Inducement Drugs

A gynaecologist, Dr Prosper Igboeli, on Monday advised Couples seeking sexual pleasure with ``sex inducement drugs’’ to seek doctor’s permission due to its side effects.


Igboeli, who is Managing Director of a Fertility and IVF Centre, gave the advice in an interview in Abuja.

``There are medications available to enhance sexual performance in sexual dysfunction for males and females.

``But almost without exception they all have some side effects,  I will advise that before you take such medications, please discuss your needs with your doctor. ’’

The gynaecologist noted that lack of desire had been the most common sexual problem in women.

He said some women found it hard to reach orgasm because the men usually terminated sexual activity once they reached their own orgasm, leaving the woman in a frustrated state.

Igboeli said another reason for women not reaching orgasm could be when they must have suffered from sexual trauma such as sexual abuse, depression or feeling anger.

 ``The pressure to reach orgasm can create anxiety and cause lack of orgasm.

``No orgasm during sex does not mean that it is a failure; sharing love, closeness, warmth, and tenderness is often more rewarding in any relationship. ’’

According to him, there should be sexual response cycle which the woman's body follows when she has sex.

 ``Desire, meaning the feeling that you want to make love, and arousal when certain physical changes take place in the woman, including vaginal lubrication and the clitoris enlarges.

``Orgasm is the climax of the sexual response when the woman shows a strong feeling of please and resolution when she returns to a state of calmness and sometimes feeling exhausted. ’’

Igboeli explained that some women experienced painful intercourse due to menopausal dryness of the vagina, illness, lack of arousal, infections, cysts or tutors.

He noted that as women approached menopause, they slowly lost desire, have harder time getting aroused and feel pain during intercourse, due to lack of estrogens that caused vaginal dryness.

Igboeli advised that couples should cultivate the habit of talking, hugging, kissing and caressing before the actual sex. 


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